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Battling an Unprecedented Virus Outbreak Around the World

The World Health Organization has classified the COVID-19 outbreak as a global health emergency, and governments around the world are taking action to control the virus from spreading. 

Hoop Hero has found ways to make a difference in this world in response to COVID-19.

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Protective Equipment for Medical Staff

Hoop Hero’s founders, Devan and Ethan, are fundraising to produce reusable aerosol boxes to protect medical workers from getting contaminated during the ventilator intubation process.

The aerosol box covers the patient’s head while the doctors intubate the patient for a ventilator. This process poses the most risk for medical workers since they are directly exposed to the patient’s airways and cough droplets (aerosol spray).

With your help, Hoop Hero will be able to fund the manufacture of these boxes and pay for shipping costs to ship to hospital emergency rooms in the United States as soon as possible.  Hospitals such as New York Presbyterian Queens, Duke Regional Hospital and Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in New York City have all made requests for the Aerosol boxes.

Please support Hoop Hero's GoFundMe page to support this initiative:

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Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Hoop Hero started an initiative to prevent the spread of the disease in light of the rapid increase of known cases around the world.  According to the Center for Disease Control, the best way to prevent the disease is to wash your hands and use hand sanitizers frequently.  As such, there is a shortage of hand sanitizers around the world.  

Hoop Hero is making hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol combined with aloe vera and distributing them to those in need.  Please join us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 today.  Your support will help individuals and communities battle this unprecedented virus outbreak around the world.

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Protecting Orphans from the Pandemic

Myanmar reported its first COVID-19 cases on March 23, 200.  On March 30, 2020, President Win Myint set up the Committee for Committee for Corona Virus 19 to help combat the disease.  

Myanmar has been accused of its denial of the existence of the coronavirus deaths and victims, given the inadequate healthcare system compared to its neighboring countries.

The HIV/AIDS infected orphans in Myanmar are at a greater risk for infection since they have pre-existing medical conditions.  Since they have been a forgotten cluster of society faced with social and political discrimination, Hoop Hero will send 1,000 face masks to them to help prevent the spread of the virus in their community.  

Please support the orphans at this Hoop Hero GoFundMe page:

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