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Devan and Ethan met in kindergarten in Shanghai.  They reconnected in Taiwan during middle school and bonded over their passion for basketball.  As young expats living in China, they developed an awareness for social inequality at a very early age.  Years later, after having lived and travelled extensively to many underdeveloped countries, they shared a special interest in helping and supporting those who face hardship purely for who they are.

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Devan and Ethan’s vision was to utilize their global network to help and provide underprivileged children around the world with care, love, and advocacy so they can grow and flourish.  Hoop Hero was a way for them to exert their influence and give something back to society. Their first project was to help and raise awareness for HIV/AIDS orphans in Myanmar, in conjunction with the Taiwan National Sports University.  

Their work with AIDS orphans opened their eyes to the injustice and prejudice that prevailed worldwide.  The adversity that these children face every day was the tragic result of severe inequalities that exist in society.  However, during their time in Myanmar, they saw more than impoverishment and grief.  What stood out was the hope and perseverance in every child.  To witness that kind of strength taught them about finding opportunity amid despair.  They realized that the orphans were the real “heroes” in the world.  

Devan and Ethan’s trip inspired their friends in different continents, and many reached out to ask how they may get involved.  This led to a shift in the direction of Hoop Hero.  The founders acknowledged that they could grow their mission by leveraging their network on social media.  There are so many children who face tough challenges such as hunger, malnutrition, limited access to education, lack of medical services, and discrimination and isolation around the world, they could use Hoop Hero as a platform to raise awareness for these forgotten children and attract volunteers. 

Today, in addition to the global HIV/AIDS work that Devan and Ethan are spearheading, Hoop Hero has many ambassadors around the world who have undertaken a role to tackle a variety of issues related to children in need.  Hoop Hero is more than a charitable cause, it is a movement to engage millennials to actively contribute to positive change in this world.   

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Devan's role at HOOP HERO includes community outreach, Ambassador coordinator, social media director, content creator, and fundraising manager.

Devan is a lighting quick point guard who aspires to protect human rights in children affected by mental/physical illnesses and those who face discrimination imposed by society. He takes a special interest in HIV/AIDS orphans because they not only have to live with a potentially deadly and highly stigmatized disease, these children face an added layer of adversity as they have to endure the torment of being abandoned by relatives and the rest of society. Devan hopes to help these children understand the disease, combat the stigma they faced, prevent the spread of the disease, and live a healthy life.

At HOOP HERO, Devan is all about relationships, collaboration, communication, and teamwork. He believes that when people join forces, they will go further than they ever could alone.



Ethan's role at HOOP HERO includes community service project coordinator, marketing, accounting, special events director, and 501(c) nonprofit status coordinator.

Ethan is a fierce defender and tough scorer who aims to create lasting, positive change for children in need. He believes that by investing in children, we have the opportunity to create real, long lasting change for families and communities around the world. Ethan's vision and quick response was the driving force behind Hoop Hero's COVID-19 medical support initiative. Ethan collaborated with a local manufacturer to quickly produce aerosol boxes to protect medical workers from being contaminated by COVID-19 cough droplets during the intubation process. The aerosol boxes were sent to hospitals around the world within 10 days of initial fundraising efforts.

At HOOP HERO, Ethan seeks understanding, builds trust, and creates meaning in the work together. He is committed to delivering sustainable results and recognizes that learning and growth are at the heart of the work they do together.


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Hoop Hero is actively seeking mentors and community leaders to provide guidance, motivation, support, and role modeling for young athletes around the world.  Our mentors will help us explore issues to tackle, set goals, develop contacts, and identify resources.

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