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Hoop Hero With HIV/AIDS Orphans in Myanmar

Imagine being born with a virus which has no cure. Imagine losing both of your parents to the disease at an early age. And then imagine the torment of being abandoned by relatives and the rest of society…

Babies born with HIV in Myanmar are unregistered babies without nationality and deprived of medical care, social assistance, and education. Families infected with HIV are terrified of going to the hospitals for vaccinations and regular checkups. With the additional layers

of hardship such social discrimination, they cannot afford their HIV infected children nutritious meals, shelter, education, care nor treatment access.

The founders of Hoop Hero, Devan and Ethan, took a trip to Myanmar in December 2019 to connect with these HIV-infected orphans. Their aim was to use basketball as a means of engagement to build self-esteem, provide a sense of belonging and community, instill discipline, develop goal setting and leadership skills, engage in friendly competition, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children infected with HIV.

During their time there, Devan and Ethan hosted on and off court activities including basketball skills and drills, demonstrated the rules of the games, and organized mini tournaments for the children to participate in. With these fun and interactive activities, Devan and Ethan inspired these real life “heroes” to set goals and be motivated about their future.

Devan and Ethan aspire to destigmatize the widespread idea that the HIV virus is transmitted by air or touch and demolish the stigma that it is always associated with death. They will use digital platforms to tell their story and create a community to connect basketball players with other “heroes” in need on a global level. We hope that you will join the Hoop Hero movement and raise awareness and help children in need!

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