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Troubled Teen Industry Controversy

Despite continuous allegations of abuse, the troubled teen industry continues to operate in an unregulated fashion. Each year, the industry receives around $23 billions of public funds to purportedly treat behavioral and psychological needs of vulnerable youth. However, there are no consistent state regulations nor federal oversight of the programs.

The cost of these programs ranges from $5,000 to $30,000 with an indefinite timeframe. For those who can’t pay, they industry preys on disadvantaged youth by tapping into public funds for children from foster care systems, juvenile justice children, and special education/IEP children.

Instead of delivering evidence-based treatment, many of these programs have been alleged to deliver a mix of maltreatment such as physical and verbal abuse, aversion therapy, isolation, chemical sedation, attack therapy, and food and sleep deprivation. There needs be legislative and government oversight into these programs.

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